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David Bradley Suburban 725.JPG
Donald Winn, Bill Smilie, Paul Vander Hu

This nice David Bradley Suburban 725 came home to AZ from Bill Smilie's place in Yerington NV. 

David Bradley Suburban 725 at home on the range in Arizona

While in Yerington, Paul visits with Bill Smilie and Donald Winn...all about vintage garden tractors of course!

Wheel Horse RJ35, Tiger and more vintage

Bill Smilie loading the FMC Ridemaster

This load of vintage tractors came home from the Nevada auction

Paul's Utilitor awaiting restoration

Farm Imp.JPG

This Atlas, one of two in the states was used by the forest service in the 1950's

This Unique Garden Tractor is the Earthmaster with a disc and plow

The Farm Imp's front wheel can be moved for various row applications!

David Bradley .JPG

This David Bradley is at work cutting kindling on our place. 


We found this BearCat at the Nevada Auction. Note the condition of the decal!

BearCat by Ellinwood Ind..JPG
ottawa mule.JPG

Heading 3

Ottawa Mule, Made in Ottawa KS purchased a estate auction of the Hurla's in Kansas


Mighty Mite Vintage Garden Tractor made in Texas

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