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                                     ANTIQUE AIR COOLED ENGINES

Send us your treasure hunt, restoration story, shows you attend, pictures of your tractors and engines!  This is where you will find                                                                                              history articles as well. 

Sam Scholtens Grand Haven.JPG
Donald Winn's Stockton Pullaway.jpg

Sam Scholtens from Michigan is astride the Grand Haven Garden Tractor he restored, complete with a blade. Sam shows in Michigan and has shown in Arizona.  This unique tractor is a hit! 

In the background is Ty Weckerly another Grand Haven owner from Phoenix Arizona.

Donald & Diane Winn of Stockton CA own and restored this Pull-Away made in Stockton.  They are historians on these Garden Tractors.  Much of the material in our file came from their generous sharing of information!

Sam sent along this tidbit about the Grand Haven Tractor. "Story is that Mr. Ben Pol of Holland Transplanter Co, (Holland Michigan) built the first Grand Haven tractor and sold the manufacturing to Grand Haven Stamped Products Co. (Grand Haven Michigan)"   

Paul and Bonnie were excited to get this information because they were both born in Holland and lived there until they moved to Cochise Arizona when they were both 32 Paul is restoring a 'Nursery' High Crop Grand Haven.  When Sam came to Arizona in 2018 he and Paul worked together on the restoration.  The frame was tweeked and the unit had been out in the weather for years but restoration is progressing and exciting to see.


January 17 & 18 we attended Branch 206, Southwest Forgotten Iron's Show in Wellton AZ.  The weather was great and there were many antique tractors, engines and garden tractors on display. Paul and I set up in the swapmeet area this year and were happy with the 70' site and our sales.  The feature engine for this show was the John Deere Engine.  

Rob and Marlene Campbell from Yuma AZ are shown with their John Deere Northern EP engine. It was featured on the club's show flyer this year.

Redd Stanberry from Buckeye AZ, brought his nice John Deere engine as well.

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