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Briggs & Stratton WMB all restored.JPG

Briggs & Stratton made this little 2/3 HP cast iron engine from 1938-46.  It was used to power many items on the farm and around the home.

Some Briggs & Stratton engines Paul pick

Paul brought these vintage cast iron air cooled engines home from an auction. Briggs & Strattons, Lauson, a Power Plant

briggs & stratton Motor Wheel.JPG

One of our favorite old Briggs engines is the Motorwheel from 1920's.  It was used on bicycles, scooters and even a car!

Briggs & Stratton powered McCollugh.JPG

A little 3 HP Briggs & Statton powers this lMcCulloch Generator from the 1960's


McCulloch Mite-E-Lite Generator powered by Briggs & Statton

Smith Motor Wheel.JPG

Smith Motorwheel was bought out by Briggs & Stratton in about 1919.

motorwheel history.jpg

A.O. Smith Co. patented the Motorwheel and used it on the Flyer 'car' in 1917.  Briggs & Stratton bought the rights to the Motorwheel in 1919, increased the horsepower from 1 to about 2 1/2 horsepower and mounted it on their own 'car', scooter and bicycle.  Very few remain although there are reproductions and die cast toys to remind us of this unique use of the vintage cast iron single cylinder engine.

If you own one of these, please share pictures and a story with our readers and collectors!

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