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Folks often ask how we settled on the name of our web site.  Paul is an avid Briggs & Stratton Engine collector and these little engines were used on many early vintage garden tractors. One of these early tractor companies was named Planet Jr.  Paul combined the two names to become

   Vintage Garden Tractors like the Shaw, Atlas, Farm Imp, Standard, and hundreds more are highlighted here too.

We are Paul & Bonnie Vander Hulst. We are from Cochise, AZ

Paul Vander Hulst's Beeman Jr..jpg

Sharing our passion about vintage cast iron engines and vintage garden tractors and their history is our goal. Pictures and stories and the history of these old iron collectibles will be shared here.  Parts, engines and tractors for sale and wanted will be posted.  You may share yours with us also and we will highlight them where pertinent.

.  Paul and his 1920's Beeman Jr. at 2019 National EDGE&TA show in Red Bluff, CA.



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                                                               BEEMAN JR. GARDEN TRACTOR HISTORY

   The Beeman Garden Tractor Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota, began producing a lighter weight garden tractor for rowed crops in the 1920's, which they called the Beeman Jr. , Power Garden Cultivator.  Their Motto for it was "There's no 'IRK' in WORK with the Junior".  Besides shank tooth cultivating, it would pull a disc, onion planter, seeder, hiller, spring tooth cultivating and even push a reel lawn mower.  

   The Jr. sported a one horse power Briggs & Stratton 'PB' engine that was a 4 cylinder, 2 1/2 bore and stroke cast iron, air cooled engine.  The clearance could be called a 'High Crop" at 14" and the width was adjustable from 17 to 27 1/2" depending on the position of the wheels.  Length was 71 1/2" and height was 39".  A large gear under the side covers provided a gear reduction of 96 to 1.  The steel calked wheels measured 30" in diameter.  This vintage garden tractor would speed along at 1/2 to 2 1/2 MPH depending on the work it was doing.


Do you have a Beeman Jr. or other Beeman garden tractors?  Please let us know and send pictures! 

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