Feb 9-10, 2013 Sahuaro Ranch,Glendale Tractor & Engine Show. Vintage Garden Tractor Pictures

Larry VanWestrenen shows his 16HP John Deere

                                                                                               If you have not visited or shown at the Sahuaro Ranch                                                                                               show, you are missing out. Great variety, beautiful                                                                                               grounds, lots of spectators and wonderful interaction.

Leo Vriesekoop and Little Bit pulling with his Cub Cadet Original

Augie Root and his wife took this “Ford” custom puller

Chad Lawson on his beautifully restored Simplicity

Chad Lawson on his beautifully restored Simplicity

 Pulling these Garden Tractors is a favorite way to show them off.

Caleb Streeter, age 9 pulling with his 1970 107 Cub Cadet

Paul Schmidt pulling his Craftsman II

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