Sahuaro Ranch Show, Feb. 2013

There are some pictures posted in 2 posts below of this great show.  We counted 41 vintage garden tractors and mowers. Many were “scarce, rare, few left and unique”.  I’m sure I will goof and leave someone out. If so, I would appreciate an email about that so I can add you, as I have lots more pictures. If you want me to email you some personally, please let me know:

Greg Wallace brought some of his stable of Hiller Yard Hands, 1954-1957. One had a table saw  mounted on the top, one had a cart, one was pink and was sold to an amusement park as part of a ride. Nice display.

Greg also restored Ty Weckerly’s Struck Chipmunk and included a mower for it. Ty loves odd ball equipment and brought a Standard Mgt. cemetary lawn mower. The front metal disc wheels can come real close to the grave stones. The big 444 Case, which Greg also detailed out for him, is a tractor that collects a lot of admiring looks. I believe it was only made for 1 year. Two mowers that look much the same and are cuter than a bugs ear are the Roote and the Fairbanks-Morse. Ty also had his big Ford 165 there that Paul just finished getting running. Look forward to seeing it at more shows.

Larry VanWestrienen got his John Deere 16HP GT running and brought it for the line up.

Leo Vriesekoop brought some Original Cub Cadets and a Struck dozer along from Flagstaff. The Original he pulls with always out pulls the beefed up non-stock pullers and brings a bunch of Yahoos! His dog, Little Bit, always helps with the pulls by adding extra weight. His other Original has a bucket attachment. That one would do a good job of cleaning stalls!

Gene Schmidt had his ’63 Original Cub Cadet that he plowed with. Outstanding tractor. He also had his ’71 109 Cub Cadet hydrostatic. Gene and gang brought a DVD and info on the World’s biggest Tractor Ride they attended last year. They are in the video…celebrities!

Paul Schmidt pulled his /78 Craftsman II 11.5 HP and also showed his ’71 129 Cub Cadet hydrostatic.

Tyler Resh, age 6 showed his ’69 #78 cub Cadet. Great that this family enjoys the hobby together.

Caleb Streeter, age 9, had his ’70 #107 Cub Cadet.

Aaron Oachs took a different colored Cub Cadet…the 1969 782D Red Cadet and showed and pulled it!

Paul Vander Hulst recently acquired a wonderful Mayrath. Pat Griego rescued it from a wash and after years of harassment, sold it to Paul. Paul also brought a 1920 Beeman Jr walk behind and a Planet Jr BP1 both of which he restored. The Planet Jr. is for sale.

Bonnie Vander Hulst brought her 1984 John Deere 68. She was looking forward to driving it around, except it ended up with a flat tire:>(

George Truog was faithful too, bringing his 4 Cub Cadets: #73, 102, 147, 124. We were truely represented in the IH division!

Jim Schurz added his neat IH Cub LowBoy.

There were many GT pullers too. Some of them were Leon Lawson on his “Oliver” , his son Chad on his newly restore Simplicity and his wife on her flame decaled smoking GT.

Augie Root and his wife had their very cool “Ford” modified puller.

Thank you to all for a great show and hope to see you March 9 & 10 at Apache Junction show. It is our SW Regional Gt show.

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